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Neo Edda - Dev Diary #7

This week was more or less on track. Let's keep this up!



Let's get the small stuff out of the way first. I concluded negotiations with my sprite artist (TheTitan99), but since they're in the middle of a job they' can't start right away. Based on their estimates, they can start in mid-December, so I'll keep you guys posted whenever there are new updates.

Next I got my hands on a bunch of sfx and bgms courtesy of a Humble Bundle. I've started going through them, and it looks pretty good so far. Hopefully I'll have picked out some nice bgm for next week, and some sfx too.

I also made the second map. As you may be able to tell from the minimap, it's a corner map that will lead down the mountain and into the forest proper. I've started working on the third map too, but making a winding path down the mountain is proving to be a little tricky so it'll have to be finished next week. Or maybe I'll have time to work on it tomorrow and post it in time for Screenshot Saturday. We'll see.

The main accomplishment this week was finishing ranged attack animations and the introduction of a new spell.

The basic shot and the firebolt spells are still the same, but I made the "magical drone" I talked about last week for them and personally I think they look pretty good. I also changed the spread shot spell into a "magic sword" type of deal that acts like a short ranged penetrating stab that can hit multiple targets. It's not as costly as the firebolt, and has more penetration. Naturally the trade off is the lack of range, but can be quite deadly, especially if you can line up the enemy. I would like to spruce up the animation for the basic shot and the firebolt, but that's a lower priority at the moment.


I'll be staying the course for the immediate future. More maps for the prologue, go through my new audio assets, and look for more graphical assets. I especially need to start looking for sprites for enemies. As funny as it is, I can't keep using the sheep for screenshots and stuff, so I'll likely prioritize that after I finish the mountainside path map. Since I have a general idea of the plot, I can put the details at the back for now so I can focus on getting a working demo finished.


Completed This Week:

- Reworked animations for ranged attacks.

- Added a new magic attack

- Finished a second map for the demo

- Concluded negotiations for sprite commission (actual commission in December)

- Acquired new audio assets

To Do Next Week:

- Make more maps

- Sort through audio assets and find suitable ones

- Find enemy sprites

An okay week, but it could be better. Thanks for reading, and here's hoping the next will be even more productive!

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