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Neo Edda - Dev Diary #4

I had a feeling I was sick, and I was right. Yay. I ended up working at 50% or so all week, but still managed to get some stuff done.



So pathfinding was much harder than I thought it would be. I was able to get a character to move to a certain location, but wasn't able to get them to avoid obstacles. Then after trying for a day or so I found out that Game Maker has a built in pathfinding function. Unfortunately it's a bit janky, and the character ends up zig zagging a lot instead of walking in a smooth path. I'll try more later, but for now I'm settling for making pre-determined paths for characters to follow during cutscenes. Not the most elegant solution, but it works. As for the code for inventory/pacifist options, I've decided that they're not important at the moment, so I'll be looking at them later.

I also planned/wrote out the plot for the prologue/opening level of the game. The exact script is still in progress, but I'm now able to start working on maps for the level and start programming cutscenes for it. After that I'll be able to make and release a proper demo for Neo Edda. There is still something else I need before I can do that though. Sprites.

The way things are going, I'll most likely be commissioning custom sprites for the playable character(s) and for major NPCs. Monsters and minor NPCs will likely be more stock, like store-bought sprites or made using Game Character Hub (the tool I used to make tall characters in Death and Progress). In the meantime, I've made a description of the playable character in the prologue, a 12th century warrior maiden, and commissioned Mister Fin (@TheFinnicle) to design and draw portraits for her. Once the character design is finished, I'll commission someone to draw her sprite and add her to the game.


Next week I'll start making maps for the prologue level. Like with the prototype, I'll likely be using the same parallax mapping method I used in RMMV to draw the maps. It might look like a RM game, but it definitely won't play like one. I'll also be seeing if I can use the same method for lighting/shadows for a better looking game. That also means I'll be able to share some screenshots starting next week, so these diaries won't just be a wall of text anymore.

If I have time I'll also write the script for the prologue level. I already have a general idea of what to write, I just need to articulate it properly and add some dramatic flare fitting for the opening scenes. If the character design gets finished in the next week, I'll also commission the sprite so whoever I commission can get that started. And if I still have time after writing the script, I'll look for monster sprites. Or maybe I'll look for sprites first then write the script. Either is okay I think.


Completed This Week:

- Programmed pathing (not pathfinding) for characters

- Planned out prologue level

- Commissioned character design

To Do Next Week:

- Make maps for the prologue level

- Write script for prologue level

- Look at marketplace for assets

- Commission sprite for warrior maiden

That's it this week. Hopefully I'll get better and be able to work at 100% next week. Thanks for reading!

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