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Neo Edda - Dev Diary #13

It always feels odd to go back to work after taking an extended break, but here we are. Time to jump back into it!


The bulk of this week was spent working on the boss character. I have a collection of sprites from various asset packs I've bought from Humble Bundle and, but unfortunately only a handful of them could fit the aesthetic of the game and had enough animations to be usable. In the end I went with this fella here:

As the first boss I decided it should be something fairly simple, and at the same time unique compared to the regular mobs. I also made two special attacks for it, a homing exploding shadow dragon, and a tentacle attack that rises from below the player character.

I still have to tweak it a bit for balance, but I think it works pretty well. I have an idea for another special attack, and I'll think about adding that in later. Other than the boss, I also made a mob enemy with a ranged attack. I think it was what was missing to get a balance of basic enemies.


The next week will be dedicated to tweaking the boss character mainly. I would like see if I can make the animation smoother so that the attacks aren't just appearing out of the boss. I have a few ideas regarding that, and hopefully I'll be able to show you guys next week. Also a good amount of frames for the main character are done now, and it shouldn't be long before I'll finally be able to show you guys that cutscene I promised. As mentioned before, I'll also see about adding that third special attack.

One more thing that came up is that I want to tweak some of the existing maps. I get the feeling that they're a bit... barren. It's a forest path, so it being mostly empty makes sense, but from a gameplay perspective that's boring. Even if I spice it up with various enemies, in the end it's still basically a flat terrain to play on. I'm not sure how I'll do the revamps yet, maybe some debris, fallen logs, more rocks, or maybe some elevation. Whatever I do, it'll likely be lower on the priority list. Tweaking the boss and making that cutscene comes first.


Completed This Week:

- Made a mob with a ranged attack

- Made the boss character

- Made two special attacks for the boss

To Do Next Week:

- Tweak the boss/special attacks

- Make the introduction cutscene ready for presentation

- Revamp some existing maps for more variety

- Add a third special attack for the boss

The demo is nearing completion, and I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. I can't promise an exact release date yet, but my estimate is early February. As always I'll keep you guys updated through tweets and these weekly dev diaries, so stay tuned!


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