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New Game/Demo Released

I'll be honest, I forgot to update this blog for the past... I don't know how long. But now I'm back!

Two new releases today, first a short game called Death and Progress that I made for the third Extra Credit game jam a few weeks ago. It's a sorta-horror game about a girl trapped in an unknown facility, and the only way she can make any progress... is to die. You can play it in your browser on

Second is the main project I've been working on, Neo Edda. It's a modern fantasy game set after Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods, happened. The Aesir are still weak after their resurrection, and act through the handful of followers they still have. Right now it's just a demo, but I plan to finish it.

Speaking of which...

Many people have expressed interest in a full game based on Death and Progress. I'll think about it for a bit then decide whether or not I want to do that first, or continue development of Neo Edda. Once I make the decision I'll make an announcement here and on Twitter. Stay tuned!

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