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Fuchian Chronicles Presskit

Fact Sheet

Early Access Release Date: Jan 6th 2022

Planned Full Release: Q1 2024




Developer: ShenTzu

Location: Richmond, BC, Canada

Publisher: ShenTzu Games






About the Game

FUCHIAN CHRONICLES - An anime-esque sci-fi JRPG.

Fuchian Chronicles is an anime-esque sci-fi JRPG about Kimi, a young fox-girl cadet, and her life in the Galactic Fuchian Empire's navy as war breaks out with a race of space-faring bunnies. Players will explore and fight in a number of ground and space settings, including a frozen planet, a dense asteroid field, a medieval fantasy city, and a nebulae filled with deadlyanomalies. As you do, your actions and inaction may have lasting effects across the game, affecting the fates of those around you.

The universe of Fuchian Chronicles is filled with rich lore. Most items and equipment features an entry in the in-game encyclopedia that gives insight on the history of the Galactic Fuchian Empire, their technology, and their customs. Further exploration can also lead to dangerous bonus encounters with powerful rewards and trophies you can put on display.

About the Developer

Fuchian Chronicles is developed by ShenTzu, a solo indie developer from Canada. Fuchian Chronicles is the third published game by ShenTzu, the first and second being Space Fox Kimi and Death and Progress respectively. Fuchian Chronicles is a remake of Space Fox Kimi, utilizing the experience gained over the years ShenTzu spent developing other games and prototypes, as well as working as a freelance map artist and video maker.

Content Creators

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Download all trailers and screenshots here.

Gameplay Trailer

Story Trailer


Download all trailers and screenshots here.


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Key Art and Logos

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Fuchian Chronicles Game Logo
ShenTzu Games Studio Logo
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